MagBox Small Case MagBox Small Case



MagBox Small Case


Everything in one place

Organize and protect your gear with the travel-friendly MagBox Case.

  • (1x) MagBox,
  • (1x) MagRing,
  • (2x) MagShoes,
  • (2x) speedlight flashes,,
  • (2x) FocusDiffusers,
  • (24+) MagBox Gels.



Stands Out And Up

Hard top and bottom hard shells provide protection from impact damage or falling. These sturdy surfaces also allow the case to stand upon its own so you can easily access your gear on the go.


Protect The Rock

A long, rigid tube runs through the entire inner core of the completely custom, semi-padded MagBox Case. It was designed especially for the FocusDiffuser. The FocusDiffuser is a lens for your softbox and just like any lens for your camera, you want to keep that baby clean and damage-free.


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