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MagBox MagRing

Universal and easy to use

The MagRing is a magnetic speed ring that makes attaching larger modifiers like the MagBox to smaller hot-shoe flashes super simple. Attaching a speedlight or strobe to the MagRing takes literally 1 second-no special tools or locks required. Just pop any flash that has a MagGrip, our patented universal flash mount, into the MagRing. Since the MagGrip works with pretty much any flash, you can use pretty much any speed lights you own inside your MagBox.



On-camera To Off In 1 Second

With freakishly strong neodymium magnets inside the MagGrip, speed lights attach securely to the MagRing. No special tools or locks required. The MagRing makes it easy to switch a speedlight from on-camera to off-camera in a jiff. We made the MagRing compatible with your existing MagMod modifiers. Throw on a MagGrid, MagGel or MagSphere without having to remove your flashes from the MagRing. Woo hoo!

MagBox MagRing


MagBox MagRing

A Dual Mount That Doesn't Suck

The MagRing makes it silly easy for you to mount two flashes at once, which is pretty dope for, say, overpowering the sun or doubling your flash recycle times. With two flashes in the MagRing, you've got double the power of a single flash-almost the same amount as a studio strobe-without actually having to lug one around. Your assistant's flash can be in the same position as yours-no need for a second light stand junking up your limited workspace and slowing you down.


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