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MagBox MagShoe

Fast & Easy

The MagShoe is a universal, ergonomic cold-shoe bracket you can operate with one hand. Just slide in your flash, turn the lock 90 degrees and you're good-to-go. It's a must-have for any photographer who wants to work faster, easier and awesome-er. The MagShoe is literally everything you ever wanted from a cold shoe bracket. Engineered for security, speed, comfort and ease of use, the MagShoe solves all the issues you had with your old cold shoe. The MagShoe works with any flash, as long as you've got a MagGrip on it. It's also the perfect tool for mounting LED light panels or even a microphone.



One-handed Operation

Just slide in your flash and turn the lock 90 degrees. It's ready to go. Adjust the angle of your light with one hand. Simply press the handy orange button to make quick, precise adjustments.In one swift motion, the MagShoe's got your flash locked down tighter than Fort Knox. It won't come loose and it's not going to wobble-even if you bump your stand. Bonus: ya know that crummy, obnoxious twisty lock on your flash? You'll never have to waste time with that thing ever again.

MagBox MagShoe


MagBox MagShoe

Mobile and universal

Since it's so comfortable to hold, the MagShoe makes it easy to take your setup handheld. When a light stand would just get in the way, you or your assistant can easily detach the MagShoe from your stand to place the light exactly where you need it. Still living that umbrella modifier life? Got ya covered.


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