MagWallet MagWallet





Complete the gels and masks in your MagGel wallet

The MagGel Wallet can fit up to 24 Gels and 12 MagMasks—all at the same time - allowing you to add color or light patterns in seconds. MagGel Wallet from MagMod has been designed with four clear pockets to hold more gels as well as MagMasks. This polyester wallet has five folding panels to keep compact for storage and can accommodate a large number of items at a single time, up to 24 gels and 12 MagMasks to be precise.




Functionality is important

  • Holds up to 24 Gels & 12 MagMasks.
  • Four Clear Pockets for Fast Access.
  • Folding Design.
  • Polyester Material.
  • Magnet Closure.
  • Detachable Strap with Metal Clip.



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