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Artistic Gels

MagMod Artistic Gel Set

Gelling your softbox is simple and fast with this set of 8 deeply saturated gels. Designed exclusively for the MagBox, these rigid polycarbonate gels pop right into the built-in gel holder. Insert up to 2 gels at once to create custom hues and add drama to your images. Includes 1 of each of the following colors: Cyan, Rose, Coral, Amber, Aqua, Pink, Lavender, Lime.

Żele artystyczne

Finally, gel sheets that don't suck

MagGels are amazing, their rigid plastic gels slip into a durable, magnetized rubber sleeve without any hassles.

  • no cutting,
  • no taping,
  • no crumpling,
  • no nonsense.

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